Welcome to the Agile Requirements Engineering Institute

The Agile Requirements Engineering Institute offers online certification programs for requirements engineering experts in the agile environment. The Agile Requirements Engineering program is aimed at experts from the fields of requirements engineering, business analysis and product management who are involved in product development with agile teams and in agile organizations.

The aim of the Agile Requirements Institute and its certification programs is to establish the transfer between requirements engineering and the implementation of agile values and principles by means of agile frameworks and to use them successfully in practice.
The Certified Agile Requirements Expert certificate is based on international applied standards and practices in requirements engineering and is based on the Agile Manifesto and the Scrum Guide. The certification and curriculum offered are designed to put requirements engineering expertise to good use in an agile team and environment. The certificate is therefore also independent of the object of development and the form of organization.
Currently, an online certification program and an Open Assessment are available:

Agile Requirements Engineering Institute certifications are accreditations that demonstrate expertise in requirements engineering and its application in an agile environment. To obtain the certification, candidates must pass an exam with 75 multiple-choice questions with a score of 75%.