Open CARS Exam - Test your requirements engineering knowledge in an agile environment

With the Open CARS Exam you can check your knowledge of requirements engineering in an agile environment. You can use it free of charge to self-assess your knowledge and as a learning tool to prepare for CARS certification. Successful completion of the Open CARS Exam shows that you have RE knowledge and can apply it in an agile environment. You can apply agile values and principles to RE. A consistently high score (75% or higher) is an indication that you have a wealth of experience in RE in an agile environment and shows that you are ready for CARS certification.

Exam details :

Number of questions: 25
Length of online exam: 30 minutes
Score:  --
Price: FREE

The Open Exam will help you prepare for the CARS certification. Furthermore, it can serve as a starting point to improve your knowledge and skills of RE in an agile environment.

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