Certified Agile Requirements Specialist (CARS)

A Certified Agile Requirements Specialist has a deep understanding of agile principles as well as classic methods and procedures of requirements engineering. The Certified Agile Requirements Specialist acts as part of a team and is characterized above all by curiosity, a sharp mind and the best communication skills. The Certified Agile Requirements Specialist asks the right questions at the right time. Certified Agile Requirements Specialists are able to uncover the need for clarification in a timely manner and make it transparent to the team. You will guide the team to efficiently identify, review, align and document requirements according to the agile context.

You can underpin your professionalism as an Agile Requirements Specialist by passing the exam to become an Agile Requirements Expert. The Agile Requirements Specialist exam and the resulting certification are documented proof of the deep understanding of agile principles and excellent skills in the field of requirements engineering.

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Exam details:

Number of question: 75
Length online exam: 60 Minuten
Score: 75%
Price: 195 EUR*

*plus VAT depending on the buyer's location

The Agile Requirements Expert exam covers the following topics:

  • Goals, Introduction, Basics of Requirements Engineering in an Agile Environment
  • Requirements Engineering in an Agile Environment
  • The product vision - What should actually be developed?
  • The Product Backlog - Which requirements are important?
  • Sprint Planning - The What and the How
  • The Sprint
  • The Sprint Review – Acceptance and Survey
  • The Sprint Retro
  • The Backlog Refinement - Maintain the Backlog Continuously

Detailed information on the learning objectives can be found in the syllabus.

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